Miles for Smiles

Miles for Smiles is our newest program designed to provide travel assistance for families or individuals in need. While we are foreseeing most travel needs will be a result of medical issues, we hope to provide assistance for other needs as well such as bereavement or perhaps a military family to see their soldier. We hope to inspire others to get out and get active for this great cause.

Anyone can participate in Miles for Smiles. In addition to individuals, we hope to engage groups such as running/walking clubs, motorcycle groups, car clubs, trucking companies, and any other group to sponsor those who will keep track of miles.

Our plan is to find sponsors/donors for each mile walked, run, or driven and those proceeds will turn into airplane tickets, gas money, bus tickets, hotel accomodations, etc to help individuals travel. We also plan to contact airlines regarding the donations of frequent flyer miles or reward program miles to our cause.

In June of 2010, we were at a proverbial fork in the road when it came to Brynne’s medical care. There was a specialist at UCLA Mattel’s Children’s Hospital that we and our team of doctors thought could possibly shed some light on Brynne’s condition. The only problem was getting there. While we found several programs that would assist in getting there, there were limitations on various details including number of miles to travel, number of individuals allowed to travel, luggage limitations, etc., all of which would prevent us from going as a family. Through a network of friends and God’s divine intervention, we received four tickets from Southwest Airlines. Since then, we have heard of multiple families needing travel assistance, mostly for medical needs but others for bereavement and other personal needs.

Miles for Smiles will provide a way for families or individuals to travel as the need arises. While there is an application process, approval will not be based on income but on urgency of the need and the family’s or individual’s willingness to in turn help someone else.

To apply for Miles for Smiles funds please click on "Request a Smile" on the menu bar above.

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