Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July's SMILE!

JULY'S SMILE! We're still building hospital survival kits and we still need personal care products. This will be an ongoing SMILE but we hope to start delivering the kits in July!!

Items needed are travel size:
body wash
contact solution, etc.

Our goal for this first round is 50 kits. To big of a goal?...have you met my God? Please let me know if you are interested in contributing items or money. I will also let you know when we will be building the kits as we will need some volunteers then too!

We are also collecting game pieces for the United Supermarkets game. Any winnings will go to Brynne's Smiles. If you are not currently playing the game and shop at United please send the game pieces our way.
THANK YOU and don't forget to SMILE!


  1. Wow as I was reading about Brynne my six year old granddaughter walks in the room and ask me who that little girl was I was looking at?. As I was explaining to her about Brynne's condition and what she had been through. Her next words were: "Where's my prayer book so I can pray for her?" God is so awesome. It brought me to tears to see my little granddaughter immediately on her own decide that praying to God would help Brynne. So Brynne you and your family have my many prayers!!

  2. One of our greatest blessings is the prayers of others! Thank you so much and please share our thanks with your granddaughter as well. She has truly touched my heart.